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wilbanks studio is located within the california central coast midway between los angles and san francisco. the region has garnered a growing awareness around the globe for the exceptional quality of its rhone wines, almonds, walnuts and olive oil in part because it enjoys an overall similarity of weather to the tuscany region of italy. the historically rich agricultural heritage holds tenaciously to its rural community roots. there is both a visceral connection and appreciation for these natural lands. it is as wonderful a place for artists to congregate as it is to call home. the good fortune of living here is appreciated by those who do so every single day. the background photo displays the inspirational natural beauty that draws so many to break existing ties and move to the area.

two artists

the studio is home to two artists. partners in life who became partners in wilbanks inc., an award winning advertising/marketing consultancy active in arizona for over 3 decades. stephanie wilbanks concentrates in kilnformed art glass inspired by her lifelong love of music, rhythm, pattern and texture. stephanie’s work has garnered recognition and awards throughout the central coast and points beyond. ken wilbanks works with baltic birch plywood, the rather humble material commonly used for high-end cabinet interiors. he laminates multiple layers to achieve substantial thickness and shapes it by carving and sanding. the abstract curvilinear sculptures wrought from man made materials echo the organic contours and patterns commonly found in nature. projects featuring vivid colorways employ plywood constructed from multiple layers of dyed laminations.

stephanie wilbanks kilnformed glass gallery

kilnformed glass

ken wilbanks sculpture gallery

laminated plywood and integrally colored laminates

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kilnformed glass

the art of stephanie wilbanks

laminated plywood sculpture

the art of ken wilbanks

about stephanie wilbanks

from the corporate world to the sphere of fine arts

while still working in the hectic environment of marketing and advertising, stephanie, longing for a reconnection to the fine arts, began to take classes in kiln formed glass. classes turned into more classes followed by expos, seminars and exhibitions. she began absorbing the technical craft of fusing glass with all of its requisite restrictions while acquiring an extensive inventory of inspiringly beautiful glass. kiln glass is cut cold on a table, then heated and slowly cooled in a kiln for several hours to a full day. the glasses soften, fuse together and assume the shape of whatever surface they're resting upon or within, such as a flat kiln shelf, curved mold or casting mold. many designs require two or more sessions in the kiln to obtain the final desired effects, making each a unique piece of art. the art aspect has been realized through countless hours of studio time. as an undergraduate voice major, her background in music has provided her with a keen sense of rhythm and pattern and tone which is reflected in her work. her fine art pieces show brilliant color, texture and pattern when backlit. every day in the studio brings a new opportunity to explore new ideas in an endlessly interesting journey.

stephanie was interviewed by one of the central coast’s most popular NPR shows broadcast on ksby “ears on art” with artists/interviewers crissa hewitt and steven deluque in her studio. click the button below to hear the segment.

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about ken wilbanks

from building brands to working with his hands

after spending many decades in hot pursuit of results building the images and brands of his clients in advertising — ken felt it was a perfect time for a new challenge. or should that be an old challenge? as sculpture was an important emphasis in undergraduate school while majoring in advertising design — it was never completely left behind, but it definitely was placed on a shelf. at last, the interest grew beyond the restraint to subdue it and happily for ken sculpture is now a full time privilege. he draws his influence from the creators of the built environment (a later concentration of the advertising consultancy) and the organic shapes that occur in nature. ken works exclusively with wood. not the refined and rare woods that have become so precious in recent years but humble ordinary plywood used in cabinet construction. sometimes he combines it with dyed laminates introducing vivid color to the process. he remarked "the sheer joy of taking a grinder to laminated plywood to explore the hidden contours has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. what is revealed is frequently quite surprising. the key element to ending up with something lasting is simply learning when to stop.”

studios on the park • paso robles

stephanie’s work is perpetually on display in the up front gallery at studios on the park in paso robles, california. a selection of contemporary pieces rotate through the gallery changing seasonally. some of her current work on exhibition can be seen seven days a week beginning at noon. the address is 1130 pine street, paso robles, california. click below to learn more.

studios on the park upfront gallery website

"visual rhetoric"

ken had two pieces selected by the central coast sculptors group show called “visual rhetroic“ in the mcmeen gallery at the san luis obispo museum of art. the show ran through april 29th, 2018. the mcmeen gallery is upstairs from the main floor and is a wonderfully intimate environment with close proximity for viewing works of art. check it out next time you visit sloma.

san luis obispo museum of art

phantom popup gallery • san luis obispo

works by stephanie and ken have been accepted for several “phantom project” gallery exhibitions in downtown san luis obispo, california. the current show runs through march 2019. the gallery is open thursday-saturday 1-9 pm. the address is 959 higuera street. phantom presents a short term opportunity to see a wealth of central coast artist’s work. don’t miss it!

play phantom3 popupvideocentral coast sculptors website

paso robles art association

themed shows are offered on a continuing basis through the paso robles art association. stephanie is an active member of the group. paso robles art association encourages artists and art lovers to interact and grow in a creative, supportive community. 

paso robles art association websitecontact praa

stephanie’s work was in the central coast craft makers show 

the show theme is “earth fire water” – the exibition was in the mcmeen gallery (second floor)

earth fire water show

this event showcased hand made art and crafts from a wide variety of california central coast artists. “spring vinyard” sold during the show. 

stephanie’s “textura” in the phantom 15 higuera street gallery

ken’s piece “splashdown” with custom pedestal in the gallery

phantom 15 show as seen from the back of the gallery

night+day selected for phantom16 in san luis obispo

stephanie’s night+day sold opening night of the phantom16 show on november 2nd at art after dark. the unusual, highly textured, monochromatic, rectangular piece is a departure for the artist who loves utilizing bright color in her work. 

artistic couples inspire show at studios on the park in february

stephanie suggested a theme for a creative couples who do art on the central coast of california show for studios on the park in paso robles. stephanie guest curated the show with sasha irving, the executive director. many artist couples are participating showing recent examples of their work in the atrium gallery. you can see the show through february 24th and see how creative couples inspire each other to make and exhibit their art.

ken’s twirl•ply twins selected for phantom16 popup

twirlply twins was selected for display in the phantom16 gallery in san luis obispo. this juried show is one of the best of the phantom series and includes a wide variety of work by some of the central coasts best known artists. the show ran throughout december. phantom 17 is now showing through march 2019. stop by and see the innovative work at the popup gallery in downtown san luis obispo located at at 959 higuera street.

opening night at sola gallery in los angeles with “bifurcated ply"

sola gallery show: interplay: craft, art & design

phantom16 exhibit at the popup gallery in san luis obispo

now showing: pARTners at studios on the park in paso robles

saturday night’s opening of the pARTners show at studios on the park featured many couples from the central coast area. the opening coincided wtih art after dark, a monthly occurance of paso robles growing art scene. many of the creative couples were in attendence despite the stormy weather. stephanie curated the show with sasha irving, studios’ director, with the help of many great volunteers and sasha’s wonderful staff. many of the creative couples share membership in central coast sculptors group of san luis obispo museum of art as well as paso robles art association in studios on the park.

new times pens article on “pARTners” creative couples show

ryah cooley; music, art and culture writer of the new times slo penned an article on the pARTners show. here is a link to the article  she captured the essence of pARTners beautifully.

don’t miss the artist statements next to their work

creative couples put together a statement explaining how they work for display with thier piece. the variety of disciplines that they are involved in and the diversity of those creative relationships are fascinating stories. be sure to stop by studios on the park and read their comments. you are sure to be amused. stephanie’s piece in the show “scarlet ways” sold to anita and joseph who kindly donated their wonderful “enfold” wines. studios on the park, the volunteers. the creative couples in pARTners wish to thank them for their generous support of the arts.